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Russia Beyond the Headlines in Bahasa Indonesia

Russia Beyond the Headlines, your guide to Russia, a diverse and complex country cannot be understood in the context of stereotypes. Now available in Bahasa Indonesia!

24 Juli 2011

Happy Birthday!

Selamat pagi! Minggu, 24 Juli 2011. Pertama, selamat hari anak nasional (kemarin)! Semoga anak-anak Indonesia menjadi anak-anak penerus bangsa, menjadi andalan bangsa, menjadi generasi yang membangkitkan negeri ini dari segala keterpurukan (amin). Kedua, happy birthday to me! Well, not today, but yesterday, hahaha. Anyway, yay! Hahaha! And also happy birthday to my high school friends, Atha Rasyadi, Indra Dibya Darpita, dan Alifia Faraghta. Ah ya, also to Daniel Radcliffe. We were born in the same date by the way. And umm... I have got a lot of happiness, great experiences, and sweet memories for these 21 years. One of the best thing is when we know that we are never alone. So, thanks for all your kindness, supports, and best wishes! Thank you so much! Have a nice day!